How we can all maybe get little bit better

I wanted to talk to you today about how I approach things. I try to always approach something new with the mindset that I will be brilliant at it. That even if I struggle in the the beginning, eventually I will master it and be better than most people are at it.

So am I always brilliant at everything I do? No, far from it, but I think what I do do is bring positive mindset everything I do, which really helps with maximising my potential in everything I do.

Take the example of losing weight. People who have the mindset that they may not lose weight, or that they don’t need to lose much weight, will lose less weight, which has been proven in studies. You have to go into whatever you are doing with the mindset you are going to do it 100% and succeed 100%.

It’s all about going from I can’t do that, or I might not do that to yes I’m going to do that.

Perhaps you want to do dancing. But perhaps you’re being held back by the fear that you will make a fool of yourself. But the truth that you have to understand is that everybody makes a fool of himself in the beginning. So you have to go into it with the mindset that yes I might make a fool of myself, but after a little while I will get better and start to enjoy it, and will never feel like I’m making a fool of myself when I go dancing again.

A great way of doing this is to give yourself a talk by looking in the mirror. Tell yourself you are going to do this and you are going to be good at it, don’t let your natural desire to hide in the corner grind you down. It’s all about taking charge of yourself and your life and not giving in to the negative mindset that will stop you achieving.

That all sounds easy I know, but you should try it, it really does work.

In other news, the MacBook pro is off having its parts done. That sounds ridiculous, it’s having its replacement screen fitted. It should be back in a couple of days and I’m really pleased that it’s happening. Some typing this on my office computer. Which I shouldn’t really be doing, but as it looks like be changing job soon, I’m not that bothered.

Mum is going to be here in three days so things should be nice for the coming weekend as well.

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