A new blog not about relationship advice….starts with relationship advice

I thought I would talk about relationships in my first post on this new blog. A lady I work with, well I say a lady, she’s just 18, was talking to me today in the canteen about her recent breakup and how she’s feeling really low about it.

I felt really bad for her, as I have been through this all myself in the past several times. Because she is only 18, it got me thinking about what advice I should give her, if any, because she is 10 years younger than me and has not seen as much of life.

I think the thing is, generally you just get better at dealing with heartbreak as you get older. I have been through so many breakups, not because I’m difficult, but just because I jump in too quickly, that I have learned valuable lessons.

That was the first thing I said to her, I said you shouldn’t jump into quickly. But having done it myself, I know that it the time it can be almost impossible to do. Love is spontaneous and it gets you hard and fast, because you want to be with someone, you want to be happy and you feel pressured by society, plus there is all the things around procreation, which our brains are programmed to do.

So at the end of the day, I told that the best lesson I can give her is to learn the lessons she gets taught. What I meant by that was that she should learn from her experiences. When you breakup from someone, get over the heartache then analyse it. Unfortunately you have to meet the wrong people to know when you have met the right person, and this is exactly what I told her.

Anyway, moving on from relationship advice, which is not what this blog is going to be about, I am 28 and live in the city. I can be a bit antisocial, some people say I’m introverted, but I am incredibly loyal and positive towards my close friends and family.

I have a good job and a lovely boyfriend, who I’ve lived with the two years. I love technology and cannot put down my Apple products, especially my iPhone and my beautiful 15 inch MacBook Pro, recently purchased and still shiny and gleaming.

I have a dog called Jess and I drive a new BMW. Yes that all sounds materialistic and the sound like I’m bragging, but if I’m going to be honest in my blogging I have to tell you what my life is like and what I do.

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