A mystery phone call offers a new path

You know sometimes you get those days where things seem to fall into place and it feels like you’re winning without making any effort? Well today is one of those days. I’m writing this after several great things have happened to me and it’s lovely to write something positive, especially after the attempted theft of my MacBoook.

I have to admit I had been getting a bit overwhelmed by that and what was happening with work, so much pressure and so little time. On top of that my mum is coming soon and I’m trying to get the place looking half decent for her.

I got an email from a senior colleague today asking if I could coming to their office tomorrow to discuss an enhanced job role. This is great as that would mean more money, although obviously with more pressure and responsibility.

But, what a great thing to land in my inbox completely out of the blue. Even I don’t want it, it gives me another option, and with options on the table you have choices, as well as having an enhanced ego.

On top of that, a little while ago I answered a call. It was a number I had seen on my phone a few times, some were missed calls and some were calls I rejected. I just assumed it was a cold call, which it actually was.

I answered it intending to give them a piece of my mind, but it turns out to be an agency who are headhunting people for clients. Because of my role in my current company, they were aware of me through networking and are unofficially approaching me to go in for an interview to discuss a job with a client in my city.

So what a brilliant day that is. On top of that, I’ve managed to find a website that specializes in computer repairs, have a replacement retina screen in stock and who can get the repair done on my MacBook in a 24 hours!

Don’t you just love it when brilliant days like this happen. They don’t happen very often in life, and I think when they do, we sometimes under appreciate how valuable they can be in terms of the benefits and how they make us feel.

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