A messy day in the life of a lady that does lunch

Well today has just been a puddle of rubbish.

First of all I got up late. This made me late for work and got me in trouble with my boss.

The car park was full when I got to work and I ended up parking on the street quite a distance away. This obviously made it even worse in terms of arriving late.

I get on well with my boss and the people around me, but today was a big day in the office and by being late I put a couple of things back as people were waiting on me to deliver something. So I feel really bad about that and I decided to make it up to them by going out and buying them some cakes at lunchtime.

The cakes were made to order and so I sat outside the coffee shop on the street side table while I waited. I had a coffee and surf the net on my MacBook.

However, because it’s a sidestreet cafe, it is quite quiet and the guy walking past suddenly reached over snatched it and ran away.

I stood up and screamed at him, and as he turned round he tripped, fell over and dropped my beloved computer on the floor.

One of the coffee shop people went and got it for me and then rang the police. Everything is okay, however the screen is now cracked. So tonight’s job after I write this is to start searching Google to find how I go about getting a MacBook screen replacement sorted out. Basically I haven’t got a clue.

Although I will need a replacement screen, the MacBook is still usable and it’s still my pride and joy, although it’s got scuffed along the edge where it fell as well. I’m not insured for it specifically, so I may have to look at whether there is some sort of plastic case replacement as well.

So what can I say, I was late for work and annoyed my work colleagues. I then got my MacBook stolen, although due to me screaming in a particularly ridiculous voice, the thief was distracted enough to fall over.

So I suppose that is a bit of luck.

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