A death in the family

When it comes the loss of life, the pain of it can hit me like a tidal wave, one that crashes through me, smashing my heart to pieces and taking it away on the tide.

Eventually the tide dissipates and you feel like you’re getting by. But you still feel like you’re drowning at times, and it takes time to get over it.

I know this was probably sounds stupid to most people, but when my mum turned up today she told me the bad news is that our family dog has died. The family dog is 18, sorry was 18 years old and was the heart and soul of the family.

I had known it since I was young and I’m devastated that it is gone.

It used to annoying at times, because it was a bit of a biting dog, and it used to bark a bit, but I spent so much time with it that it became part of me.

My mum was really upset when she turned up but didn’t want to tell me on the phone, and it seems that that is the real reason she wanted to come and stay with me, not what I selfishly thought was an excuse for her to go shopping and catch up with friends. I’m sure she will do that, but it appears that the main reason was because she realizes how much I love the dog and wanted to make sure I was okay when she told me.

That’s the great thing about families, if you have a good one they can be such a strength to you in your life.

The MacBook is back and the screen has been replaced, they also replaced the scuffed outer casing as well. It’s not going to cost me anything because I can claim back through the courts apparently.

Me and my mum sat and went through some old photos of us and our dog that I have on it, which made for a lovely sentimental time as well, we drank wine and chatted.

Busy times to me as I’m also going to move companies. I went to the headhunting interview and things look great to me, with a 50% pay rise and what I have now. So I would really be stupid not to take them up on that option.

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