How we can all maybe get little bit better

I wanted to talk to you today about how I approach things. I try to always approach something new with the mindset that I will be brilliant at it. That even if I struggle in the the beginning, eventually I will master it and be better than most people are at it.

So am I always brilliant at everything I do? No, far from it, but I think what I do do is bring positive mindset everything I do, which really helps with maximising my potential in everything I do.

Take the example of losing weight. People who have the mindset that they may not lose weight, or that they don’t need to lose much weight, will lose less weight, which has been proven in studies. You have to go into whatever you are doing with the mindset you are going to do it 100% and succeed 100%.

It’s all about going from I can’t do that, or I might not do that to yes I’m going to do that.

Perhaps you want to do dancing. But perhaps you’re being held back by the fear that you will make a fool of yourself. But the truth that you have to understand is that everybody makes a fool of himself in the beginning. So you have to go into it with the mindset that yes I might make a fool of myself, but after a little while I will get better and start to enjoy it, and will never feel like I’m making a fool of myself when I go dancing again.

A great way of doing this is to give yourself a talk by looking in the mirror. Tell yourself you are going to do this and you are going to be good at…
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A death in the family

When it comes the loss of life, the pain of it can hit me like a tidal wave, one that crashes through me, smashing my heart to pieces and taking it away on the tide.

Eventually the tide dissipates and you feel like you’re getting by. But you still feel like you’re drowning at times, and it takes time to get over it.

I know this was probably sounds stupid to most people, but when my mum turned up today she told me the bad news is that our family dog has died. The family dog is 18, sorry was 18 years old and was the heart and soul of the family.

I had known it since I was young and I’m devastated that it is gone.

It used to annoying at times, because it was a bit of a biting dog, and it used to bark a bit, but I spent so much time with it that it became part of me.

My mum was really upset when she turned up but didn’t want to tell me on the phone, and it seems that that is the real reason she wanted to come and stay with me, not what I selfishly thought was an excuse for her to go shopping and catch up with friends. I’m sure she will do that, but it appears that the main reason was because she realizes how much I love the dog and wanted to make sure I was okay when she told me.

That’s the great thing about families, if you have a good one they can be such a strength to you in your life.

The MacBook is back and the screen has been replaced, they also replaced the scuffed outer casing…
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A mystery phone call offers a new path

You know sometimes you get those days where things seem to fall into place and it feels like you’re winning without making any effort? Well today is one of those days. I’m writing this after several great things have happened to me and it’s lovely to write something positive, especially after the attempted theft of my MacBoook.

I have to admit I had been getting a bit overwhelmed by that and what was happening with work, so much pressure and so little time. On top of that my mum is coming soon and I’m trying to get the place looking half decent for her.

I got an email from a senior colleague today asking if I could coming to their office tomorrow to discuss an enhanced job role. This is great as that would mean more money, although obviously with more pressure and responsibility.

But, what a great thing to land in my inbox completely out of the blue. Even I don’t want it, it gives me another option, and with options on the table you have choices, as well as having an enhanced ego.

On top of that, a little while ago I answered a call. It was a number I had seen on my phone a few times, some were missed calls and some were calls I rejected. I just assumed it was a cold call, which it actually was.

I answered it intending to give them a piece of my mind, but it turns out to be an agency who are headhunting people for clients. Because of my role in my current company, they were aware of me through networking and are unofficially approaching me to go in for an interview to discuss a job with a client in my…
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An update on the Macbook theft and screen breaking saga

You can read here how I suffered the theft of my MacBook Pro the other day I was a bit shaken up about it that evening and this is the first time I have blogged since it happened.

Great news though there was an update today in the form of a phone call from the police. They haven’t come round to interview me yet, but apparently the coffee shop has cameras outside it as well as inside it, and the person who grabbed my MacBook was caught on the cameras. He is known to the police and has been arrested.

Now obviously I already have my property back, although my pro retina screen is cracked and that will need fixing, something I need to get on with doing soon. But, apparently I can somehow get my money back through the courts, I don’t really understand how, but that’s what the police said to me on the phone.

I’m assuming it’s some way I can claim back for property damage through the theft?

Anyway, work were really sympathetic about it and I suppose in a way it’s brought a few things home to me about how it could be more serious, the example I could have been walking down the street with it as I often do and I could have been attacked in order for the man to get it off me.

So I think the learning curve for me here is to be a bit more security conscious. I think sometimes us females are not as security conscious as we should be, considering the education and information out there about how we can be targeted.

In other news, my mum is coming to stay for a few days soon. She called…
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A messy day in the life of a lady that does lunch

Well today has just been a puddle of rubbish.

First of all I got up late. This made me late for work and got me in trouble with my boss.

The car park was full when I got to work and I ended up parking on the street quite a distance away. This obviously made it even worse in terms of arriving late.

I get on well with my boss and the people around me, but today was a big day in the office and by being late I put a couple of things back as people were waiting on me to deliver something. So I feel really bad about that and I decided to make it up to them by going out and buying them some cakes at lunchtime.

The cakes were made to order and so I sat outside the coffee shop on the street side table while I waited. I had a coffee and surf the net on my MacBook.

However, because it’s a sidestreet cafe, it is quite quiet and the guy walking past suddenly reached over snatched it and ran away.

I stood up and screamed at him, and as he turned round he tripped, fell over and dropped my beloved computer on the floor.

One of the coffee shop people went and got it for me and then rang the police. Everything is okay, however the screen is now cracked. So tonight’s job after I write this is to start searching Google to find how I go about getting a MacBook screen replacement sorted out. Basically I haven’t got a clue.

Although I will need a replacement screen, the MacBook is still usable and it’s still my pride and joy, although it’s got scuffed…
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A new blog not about relationship advice….starts with relationship advice

I thought I would talk about relationships in my first post on this new blog. A lady I work with, well I say a lady, she’s just 18, was talking to me today in the canteen about her recent breakup and how she’s feeling really low about it.

I felt really bad for her, as I have been through this all myself in the past several times. Because she is only 18, it got me thinking about what advice I should give her, if any, because she is 10 years younger than me and has not seen as much of life.

I think the thing is, generally you just get better at dealing with heartbreak as you get older. I have been through so many breakups, not because I’m difficult, but just because I jump in too quickly, that I have learned valuable lessons.

That was the first thing I said to her, I said you shouldn’t jump into quickly. But having done it myself, I know that it the time it can be almost impossible to do. Love is spontaneous and it gets you hard and fast, because you want to be with someone, you want to be happy and you feel pressured by society, plus there is all the things around procreation, which our brains are programmed to do.

So at the end of the day, I told that the best lesson I can give her is to learn the lessons she gets taught. What I meant by that was that she should learn from her experiences. When you breakup from someone, get over the heartache then analyse it. Unfortunately you have to meet the wrong people to know when you have met the right person, and this is exactly what I told…
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